Plants vs Zombies Backpack

These cool Plants vs Zombies backpacks are just for you, the Plants vs Zombies fans. Check out for 2 styles of Plants vs Zombies backpacks below. The first one is Plants vs Zombies children school backpack which comes in size of 37 x 28 x 17 cm. It is made from polyester fibre, has one main compartment, front pocket and side pockets. Featuring picture of cute Plants vs Zombies picture on the front. The second one is Plants vs Zombies reversible backpack.  Featuring a Flower themed print on one side and a Zombie print on the other. The measurement is approx. 12 x 16 x 5 cm. It is great for any boys or girls. Get one today and bring your Plants vs Zombies backpack to school.

plants vs zombies backpack

Plants vs Zombies Children School Backpack

zombies plants backpack

Plants vs Zombies Reversible Backpack



Plants vs Zombies USB Flash Drive

If you are a big fan of Plants vs Zombies game, then you might want to collect some of these Plants vs Zombies USB Flash Drive. As you can see below. ypu can choose from many designs available. These USB Flash Drives are available in 8 GB and 16 GB capacity. There is Plants vs Zombie Zombie and Duck USB Flash Drive and Sunflower USB Flash Drive. They come in compact size and light weight. Perfect for any Plants vs Zombies fans. Get one for your collection today.

plants vs zombies usb duck zombie plants vs zombies usb sunflower plants vs zombies usb





Plants VS Zombie Wall Decal

If you are a big fan of playing Plants vs Zombies game, then this cool Plants vs Zombies wall decal is just perfect for you to decorate your room. Featuring some character from the game such as Plants Sunflower, peas and zombies as well. You can use this wall stickers on the flat surface such as your wall, mirror, door, window or anywhere. It is easy to use and remove. It is just perfect for any Plants vs Zombies fanatics.

plants vs zombies wall decal

Plants vs Zombies Wall Decals


Plants vs Zombies Costume for Adult

If you are looking for Plants vs Zombies costumes for adult then you have come to the right place. Check out for some Plants vs Zombies costumes for adult  below. There is Plants vs Zombies Conehead costume which includes head, body costume, shoes and gloves. There is Plants vs Zombies Zombies mascot costume  which comes in gray color. There is Plants vs Zombies Pea Costume and also Sunflower costume. These costumes are great for anyone who love to play the game. Great for Halloween party or Plants vs Zombies theme birthday party.

plants vs zombies costume adultplants vs zombies costume  plants vs zombies costume sunflower plants vs zombies costume pea


Minecraft Lego

If you love to play Minecraft on your iPad or your XBOX, you will love these Lego Minecraft. There are 3 Lego Minecraft available in the market at the moment. There is the original Minecraft which consist of 240 pieces and includes 2 buildable Micromob character Steve and Creeper. There is Lego Minecraft The Nether which includes 2 buildable Micromob figures : 2 Ghasts and a Zombie Pigman and has 469 pieces. The last one is Lego Minecraft The Village which includes pig, Villager and the Zombie buildable Micromob figures and has 466 pieces. These Minecraft legos are recommended for children age 10 and above.

Get one or complete set of these lego to complete your Minecraft collection. They are perfect for any Minecraft fans and also make a great birthday or Christmas gift for someone special.

minecraft lego village

Lego Minecraft The Village

minecraft lego

Lego Minecraft Original

minecraft nether lego

Lego Minecraft The Nether





Despicable Me Christmas Ornaments

These cute Despicable Me ornaments would make a great addition as your Christmas tree decoration this year. They are made from plastic material and they come in set of 8 ornaments featuring Gru, Margo, Edith, Agnes and 4 minions. The size of the ornament is approx. 5-8 inches. These Despicable Me ornaments would look cute on your Christmas tree. Get one set today for your Christmas tree. They are also make a great gift for someone who is a big fan of Despicable Me.


depicable me ornament despicable me christmas ornament


Spongebob Squarepants Lunch Bag and Lunch Box

These cute with bright yellow color lunch bags and lunch boxes are great for any Spongebob Squarepants fans. If you have Spongebob fans at home, these lunch bags are great for them. There are many designs available. There is Spongebob dual insulated lunch bag which have two compartment to put your lunch in with handle on top. There are also Spongebob insulated lunch bag with rectangular shaped with comfy handle on top.

spongebob lunch dual bag   sponegbob lunch bag dualspongebob lunchspongebob lunch bag





Below are some Spongebob Squarepants Lunch Boxes which are made from metal featuring picture of Spongebob with underwater background and friends. The lunch box has metal latch for opening and closure and plastic handle on top. What a cute lunch box for back to school for any Spongebob fans.


sponegbob metal lunch box spongebob lunch box

Winx Club iPhone Case Cover

Are you looking for WInx Club theme iPhone case cover for your iPhone? Look no more. Check out for some cute Winx Club iPhone case covers below. They are available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. There are many picture of characters from Winx Club to choose from. These iPhone case covers are made from light polymer case. They are sleek and durable and great to protect your iPhone. With bright color and cool picture, why not get one for your Winx collection. Perfect for any Winx Club fanatics.

winx iphone c winx iphone cover winx iphone case 5 winx iphone 5 winx iphone winx iphone case





Yo Gabba Gabba Costume for Kids

These cute Yo Gabba Gabba costumes are great for children for Halloween or for Yo Gabba Gabba theme birthday party. There are some characters available. There is Foofa costume which includes pink shirt, pants and hat featuring pink flower bubble. There is DJ Lance costume which includes orange and white shirt and pants, fuzzy hat and DJ Lance’s signature glasses. There is Plex costume which includes yellow and gray robot shirt, pants and hat. There is Brobee costume which includes green striped jumpsuit and character-face hat. The last one is Muno costume which includes red jumpsuit, hat and mittens. Choose whichever character that your kids love. Get one today and lets your kid be their favorite Yo Gabba Gabba character for one day.

yo gabba foofa costume yo gabba dj lance costume yo gabba gabba plex costumeyo gabba gabba brobee costume   muno costume




Nascar Racing Costume for Kids

If your kids love racing especially Nascar, then you might want to check out for some cool Nascar costumes for kids below. They are great for your little boy to dress up as their favorite racer. There are some Nascar costumes available as you can see below. There is Nascar Tony Stewart costume which includes black and red jumpsuit with team logos on it and attached belt. There is Jeff Gordon costume which includes black and red jumpsuit and attached belt, cap with number 24 on it. There is Kyle Busch costume which includes yellow jumpsuit with attached belt and cap with number 18 on it. And the last one is Dale Earnhardt costume which includes white and green jumpsuit with attached belt and cap with number 88 on it. Great costumes for Halloween for any racer mania or Nascar fanatics. Get one today for your kids.

nascar jeff costume nascar kyle costume nascar tony costume         nascar dale costume        amazon

Hot Wheels Bedding

Check out for some Hot Wheels Bedding set below. They are great for any boys who love racing and want to decorate their bedroom with Hot Wheels theme. The first Hot Wheels bedding set is Hot Wheels comforter which includes a blue twin size comforter size 66 x 86 inches. The second Hot Wheels bedding set is Hot Wheels sheet set which includes flat sheet 66 x 96 inches, fitted sheet 39 x 75 inches and pillowcase 20 x 30 inches for the twin size and flat sheet 81 x 96 inches, fitted sheet 54 x 75 inches and pillowcase: 20 x 30 inches for the full size. Great bedding set for boys who love Hot Wheels.

hot wheels comforter

Hot Wheels Comforter

hot wheels bedding

Hot Wheels Bedding Set


Hot Wheels Costume for Kids

If you have a Hot Wheels fanatics at home and he would love to dress up as Hot Wheels racer then you can make his dream come true with these Hot Wheels costumes for kids. Choose from two designs available. The first Hot Wheels costumes includes blue costume with Hot Wheels graphics all over it and a helmet mask. The second one is Hot Wheels costumes which includes red jumpsuit. These racing costumes are only available for children. They are great for Halloween or for Hot Wheels theme birthday party.

hot wheels costume blue hot wheels costume red