Shrek Lunch Bag

For any Shrek fans, now you can bring your favourite Ogre to school with these Shrek lunch bags below. These lunch bags are insulated lunch bag which is great to keep your lunch fresh. There are one compartment lunch bags and there is also dual compartment lunch bag. Great for back to school for any Shrek fans.

shrek lunch bag 2 shrek lunch bag shrek lunch bag 2


Annoying Orange Costumes

Looking for fruit theme costume? Check out for some Annoying Orange costumes below. There is Annoying Orange costume, Pear costume in green color and apple costume in red color. These costumes are available for children and adult. Cute fruit costumes for dress up party or Halloween party. Great for any Annoying Orange fanatics.

annoying orange costume pear annoying orange costume pear adult annoying orange costume child annoying orange costume adultannoying orange costume apple annoying orange apple costume child


Annoying Orange Backpack

Check out for some Annoying Orange backpacks below. They are great for back to school for any Annoying Orange fans. There are 2 models available below. The first one is Annoying Orange 16″ Backpack featuring grid of characters from Annoying Orange series. The second one is Annoying Orange large backpack 16 inches featuring Orange and Tomato with text saying “Hey Tomato! I was Hoping we could Ketchup”. The size of the backpack is approx. 16 x 13 x 5 inches. It has 2 large zip closure pockets and 2 side pockets. Great backpacks for back to school.

annoying orange backpack 2 annoying orange backpack amazon

Portal 2 Bookends

If you are a big fan of Portal 2, then you should check out this cool Portal 2 bookends below. The size of this bookends is approx. 4 x 5 x 2.25 inches each. Lef side of the bookends featuring half of a test subject going through an orange portal and the right side of the bookends featuring the other half of the test subject coming out the blue portal. They are made from durable aluminium with non slip rubber padding on the bottom. Cool bookends for Portal 2 fans and make a cool home décor as well.portal 2 bookends


Portal 2 Companion Cube Lunch Box

Looking for cute lunch box or lunch bag for any Portal fanatics? Look no further. Check out for Portal Companion Cube lunch box and lunch bag below. Companion Cube lunch bag is a soft insulated lunch bag with double zippered access and easy carry handle. The Companion Cube lunch box is made from metal featuring Companion Cube from the best selling video game Portal 2. Get one for your collection today!

portal companion cube lunch box

Portal Companion Cube Lunch Box

portal companion cube lunch bag

Portal Companion Cube Lunch Bag


Despicable Me Minion Couple Tshirts

Check out for some Despicable Me Minion couple Tshirts below. They look so cute and perfect for any couple who love Despicable Me. You can choose some colors as you can see below, there is white, black, blue and red colors. Featuring picture of cute Minions. These Tshirts are made from cotton and are available in size small to extra large. Great for Valentine gifts. Get one for you and your partner today.


despicable me couple tshirt white black

despicable me couple tshirt black despicable me couple tshirt blue despicable me couple tshirt red  amazon

Disney Frozen Swimsuit

This is what any Disney Frozen fans need when they are heading to the swimming pool or beach, Disney Frozen swimsuit set. Check out for the complete set below. This set includes Disney Frozen Swimsuit which come in pink color featuring Elsa and Anna on the front with lace at shoulders and waist, Cover-Up which come in white color and Matching Flip-Flops. What a cute swimsuit for any Disney Frozen fanatics.

disney frozen bathing set

Disney Frozen Swimsuit Set



Disney Frozen Water Bottle

Check out for some cute Disney Frozen water bottles below. They are great for back to school for any children who love Disney Frozen. The first Disney Frozen water bottle featuring picture of Elsa and Anna and it is made from aluminium that can hold up to 12 oz. of liquid. The second one is Disney Frozen water bottle featuring picture of Anna. This water bottle is made from plastic and it is BPA free. It can hold up to 13 oz. of liquid. Great water bottle for children and they look cute as well. Get one for your little Disney Frozen fans at home.


disney frozen bottle water aluminium disney frozen water bottle


Disney Frozen Watch

Now you can tell time with your favourite Disney Frozen watch as you can see below. Featuring scene from Disney Frozen movie, Olaf and text saying “Snow”. This Disney Frozen watch has accurate quartz movement with stainless steel case. It is also a water resistant to 30M watch. What a perfect watch for any Disney Frozen fanatics.


disney frozen watch

Disney Frozen Watch