Minecraft Lego

If you love to play Minecraft on your iPad or your XBOX, you will love these Lego Minecraft. There are 3 Lego Minecraft available in the market at the moment. There is the original Minecraft which consist of 240 pieces and includes 2 buildable Micromob character Steve and Creeper. There is Lego Minecraft The Nether which includes 2 buildable Micromob figures : 2 Ghasts and a Zombie Pigman and has 469 pieces. The last one is Lego Minecraft The Village which includes pig, Villager and the Zombie buildable Micromob figures and has 466 pieces. These Minecraft legos are recommended for children age 10 and above.

Get one or complete set of these lego to complete your Minecraft collection. They are perfect for any Minecraft fans and also make a great birthday or Christmas gift for someone special.

minecraft lego village

Lego Minecraft The Village

minecraft lego

Lego Minecraft Original

minecraft nether lego

Lego Minecraft The Nether