Spongebob Christmas Ornament and Decoration

Lets have Spongebob Squarepants theme Christmas decorations this year. Get some Spongebob Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree, Spongebob Christmas Inflatable for decorating your front lawn and Spongebob Christmas Stocking for keeping some of Christmas gift.

Let start with Spongebob Christmas Ornaments below. These ornaments are made by Carlton Heirloom 2013. The first one is Spongebob ornament featuring Spongebob sitting on top of Patrick. The size of this ornament is approx. 4 inches tall. The second ornament is Spongebob ornament featuring Spongebob holding candy cane and the size is approx. 3.5 inches. These ornaments are great for decorating your tree with.


spongebob christmas ornament spongebob ornament

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Below are some cute Spongebob Christmas Christmas Inflatable. There is Spongebob wearing Santa hat and sitting on top of gift inflatable with size of 4 feet tall. There is Spongebob with Wreath Inlatable and the last one is Spongebob Christmas tree shaped inflatable. These Spongebob inflatables are airblown inflatable and easy to setup. You can use them for indoor or outdoor. They are perfect for your front yard decoration.

spongebob gift inflatable spongebob wreath inflatable spongebob inflatableamazon buy



Below are some super cool Spongebob Christmas Stockings for keeping your small Christmas gift for someone special. They are made by Kurt Adler with size of 19 inches tall. They are printed applique Christmas stocking featuring fun picture of Spongebob.


spongebob christmas stocking spongebob stocking