Scooby Doo Christmas Ornament and Decoration

If you are a huge fans of Scooby Doo and looking for some great Scooby Doo Christmas decoration such as ornament, stocking or infltable, then you have come to the right place. Check out for some cute Scooby Doo Christmas Ornaments below. The first ornament is Scooby Doo ornament made by Hallmark 2013 featuring Scooby, Shaggy and Creeper speaking when you press the button. It is battery operated. The second ornament is Scooby Doo ornament featuring Scooby decorated just like a Christmas tree. The size of the ornament is approx. 1.125 x 2.75 x 1.625 inches.

scooby doo hallmark ornamentscooby doo ornament

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Below is Scooby Doo Christmas Inflatable featuring Scooby with his Santa hat. The size of the inflatable is approx. 3 feet high and is made from fabric. It is lightweight and easy to setup. It is great for decorating your front yard during Christmas holiday. Perfect for any Scooby Doo fans.

scooy doo inflatbale christmas


The last one is Scooby Doo Christmas Stocking featuring Scooby Doo plush head wearing Santa hat and holding candy canes and it is made by Kurt Adler. The size of the stocking is approx. 21 inches. The stocking comes in red color with some text saying “Sugar Cookies”, “Gum Drops” and “Sandy Cane Wishes”. Great for keeping some Christmas gift for someone special.

scooby doo stocking christmas

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