The Trash Pack Backpack and Lunch Bag

If you are looking for school backpack for your kids who love to play his Trash Pack toys then these cool Trash Pack backpacks would make a great backpack. Choose from 3 styles available. There is Trash Pack backpack which has one main compartment and front pocket. There is a large Trash Pack backpack 16 inches in size. Featuring one main compartment, front pocket, side mesh pouches and adjustable straps. And the last one is small Trash Pack backpack which only has one main compartment. These backpacks all comes in green colors. Great children backpack for school or for out and about.

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trash pack lunch bag

This Trash Pack lunch bag size is approx. 8.25 x 9.5 x 3.5 inches. It has one main compartment which is insulated and on the front panel is the picture of Trash Pack on the green color background. It has carrying handle on top. Great lunch bag for any Trash  Pack fanatics.