Team Umizoomi Bean Bag

These cute Team Umizoomi bean bags would make your kids love to sitting on, reading their books or watching television. There are 3 styles of Nickelodeon Team Umizoomi Bean Bags to choose from. The first bean bag featuring Geo on his skateboard in blue color background. The second one featuring Milli on her chair with pink and yellow background colors. The last bean bag featuring Geo, Milli and Bot. These bean bags are made from polyester fabric which is easy to clean. It has safety zipper so it is safe for children. Great bean bags for any Team Umizoomi fans.


team umizoomi bean bag blue

Team Umizoomi Bean Bag Blue

team umizoomi bean bag pink

Team Umizoomi Bean Bag Pink

team uumizoomi bean bag

Team Umizoomi Bean Bag