Paul Frank Lunch Bag and Lunch Box

Check out for some cute Paul Frank lunch bags and lunch boxes below. They are great for collection for any Paul Frank fanatics. Paul Frank lunch boxes available in 3 designs, there is Paul Frank Julius and Clancy go to the fair, Paul Frank Scurvy design and Paul Frank Julius with his boom box metal lunch boxes. The size of the lunch box is approx. 8 x 7 x 4 inches. They all come with pastic handle on top and metal latch for opening and closing. Great way to store your food or any of your small collection.

paul frank blue lunch box paul frank scurvy lunch box paul frank lunch box1



Below are some Paul Frank Lunch Bags. The first one is Paul Frank insulated lunch bag featuring Julius with rainbow and stars picture. The size of the lunch bag is approx. 8 x 9.5 inches and it has one main compartment with zipper closure. The last one is Paul Frank insulated lunch tote featuring Julius the monkey both inside and out. It has velcro closure and nylon carrying strap. Great lunch bag for back to school especially for any Paul Frank lovers.

paul frank lunch box rainbow paul frank lunch bag