Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

Below are some Harry Potter Ornaments.They are perfect for any Harry Potter to decorate their Christmas tree with. Check out for all of them below. The first ornament is Harry Potter ornament featuring Hogwart castle which is made by Hallmark 2013. It is battery operated and it will play music from Hedwig’s theme. The size is approx. 3.75 x 3.5 x 2.625 inches. The second one is Harrry Potter Christmas Ornament by Hallmark 2012 featuring The Final Battle. The third one is Harry Potter Ornament made by Hallmark 2010 featuring Harry and Dumbledore and the memories shown by the pensive. And the last one is Harry Potter Hallmark 2011 Christmas Ornament featuring Harry fleeing the fiendfyre with size of 4.5 inches tall. What a cool collection of Christmas ornaments for any Harry Potter fans. Get one today for your collection.

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