Disney Cars Christmas Ornament and Stocking

IF you have a huge fan of Disney Cars at home then these cute Disney Cars Christmas Ornaments below would make a great Christmas gift for him or her. These Disney Cars Ornaments available in many characters from the movie such as Lightning McQueen, Matel, Finn and more. Lets start from the first one. It is a Disney Cars ornaments set of 2 which includes Lightning McQueen and Matel Ornament which are made from resin. There is a complete set of Disney Cars ornaments below which includes Luigi, Guido, Sheriff, Sally, The King, Flo, Chick Hicks, Hudson Hornet, Filmore, Ramone, Sarge, Mack, Lightning McQueen and Mater. And the last one is Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Light up ornament. It is made from resin with size 1.25 x 4 x 2 inches.

disney cars and mattel ornament disney cars christmas ornament disney cars ornament

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Complete your Disney Cars Christmas decorations with these cute Disney Cars Christmas Stocking as you can see below. The first one is Disney Cars Christmas stocking which is made from silky satin with size of 20 inches. The second one is Disney Cars Christmas stocking featuring Lightning McQueen plush on top and comes in size 18 inches in green and white colors. What a cute Christmas stocking for keeping some of your Christmas gifts for your Disney Cars mania.


disney cars christmas stocking disney cars stocking

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