Dalmatian Christmas Ornament and Stocking

If you are a pet Dog lover especially Dalmatian, then you might want to check out for some cute Dalmatian ornaments below. They are so cute and perfect for decorating your Christmas tree with. There is Pongo and some Dalmatian puppy ornament and Disney 101 Dalmatians Two-Tone ornament made by Hallmark. There is also a cute Dalmatian and dog house Christmas ornament. What a cute ornaments for any Dalmatians lovers.

dalmatian 101 ornament dalmatian christmas ornament dalmatian ornament  amazon


There is also a matching Dalmatian Christmas Stocking for keeping your Christmas gift. Featuring dalmatian peeking out of the stocking. The size of the stocking is approx. 4 x 2 inches. Cute Christmas stocking for any Dalmatian fans.

dalatian stocking   amazon